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Latest study to come out shows that 'long-distance runners and joggers showed better hydration and glycosaminoglycan levels (higher lumbar IVD T2-time...

Benefits of long distance running for lumbar disc herniation.

April 21, 2017

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June 26, 2017

Pain is complex topic that has been perplexed clinicians over the centuries. Today we look into what pain is and how pain is perceived. We will further look into pain in future blogs to come.


Pain is an unpleasant feeling felt both sensory and emotionally. It is these feelings that makes us want to escape it. Pain is the body’s alert system that damage or pre damage has occurred. Pain is the last factor that makes us seek help. It is said that if our brain does not see that a body part is in danger it will not produce pain to alert us of damage or foreseeable damage.

To say that the brain all on its own produces pain denies the roles of other functional mechanisms that extend beyond the brain.


The most common type of pain humans feel are low back pain and headaches. There are a clear majority of people among us that have bulging discs and nerve damage but yet have no pain. The aim is to see why the brain has not perceived this as a threat thus not causing the pain.

Then there are those who have had past injuries but cleared up damage and the brain still perceives the pain even though they are ‘functionally better.’


It is this what makes the subject of pain difficulty to grasp and to explain why it is there. Once the root of the pain is figured it is then that we can start feeling better.


The newest concept of treatment is a two-part series: First find the tissue damage and treat it as whole. The next step is to mould how the brain thinks of pain by training it to no longer feel that the damaged tissue is a threat. This can be coined as ‘rehabilitation’ post ‘treatment.’


We will further look back at this in blogs to come.

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